$3.5 Million Luxury Yacht Build By Wisconsin Company Building For Lexus

As per the designer’s hope, a luxury yacht that could revolutionize the boating industry has been constructed in Wisconsin. The yacht name is Lexus LY 650 and it is a partnership between Pulaski which is the manufacturer of Marquis-Larson Boat Group and international auto company Lexus. The process to construct the hull of the boat hull will start at the beginning of this month.

The workers at Marquis-Larson at the present time are manufacturing the Lexus luxury yacht for the first time, which is a prototype. They have set the goal to complete the building of this vessel finished by 2019. Marquis-Larson’s Vice President of Design & Engineering, Josh Delforge said the company is hoping to produce a yacht having the distinction luxury, and it should also be high-powered. Thus, the boat will be powered by two, 900-horsepower engines.
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